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RPA Training using UiPath

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100 Hours
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About the Course

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a software technology that makes it easy to build, deploy, and manage software robots. This can mimic human action and can perform repetative task. Its gaining high papularity in the IT Industry and there are many jobs available in the market.

Training Objective

Enter the world of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), a rapidly growing field in the IT sector, known for its potential to drive efficiency and productivity in a broad range of industries. With the rise of AI and machine learning, professionals equipped with RPA skills are in high demand.

Job Roles of Course
  1. RPA Developer
  2. RPA Engineer
  3. RPA Expert


Able to understand the Fundamental and basic principles of Robotics Process Automation, Applications in various Industries.

  1. List of RPA tools
  2. Predecessors of RPA
  3. Emergence and Evolution of RPA
  4. Future of RPA
  5. Differentiating RPA from Automation
  6. Defining RPA and its Benefits
  7. Types of Bots
  8. Application areas of RPA

Able to install the UiPath Studio and understand difference between different versions.

  1. UI Path Installation
  2. Steps to Install UiPath Studio
  3. Starting UiPath Studio

Able to understand deep knowledge of variable, arguments and different workflows.

  1. Variable
  2. Arguments
  3. Different Pannels
  4. Types of workflows/files in UiPath
  5. Flow chart
  6. State Machine
  7. Sequence

Using of different Control flow activities and its use.

  1. Assign activity
  2. Delay activity
  3. Break activity
  4. While activity
  5. Do while activity
  6. For each activity
  7. If activity
  8. Switch activity

Able to create workflow in UiPath using these activities.

  1. UiPath Studio Recording
  2. Actions that can be recorded
  3. Recorder Overview
  4. Components of Recording Wizard
  5. Comparison of Recording Types
  6. Automatic Recording Activities
  7. Manual Recording activities
  8. Basic Recorder
  9. Desktop Recorder
  10. Web Recorder

Able to understand Selectors, wild card operator and its use.

  1. What is Selector
  2. Selector Editor
  3. Selectors with wild cards
  4. UI Explorer in Selector
  5. UI Explorer Window
  6. Full Selectors And Partial Selectors

Able to capture run time exception and handling of such type of exceptions.

  1. Common Exceptions
  2. Try Catch
  3. Retry Scope
  4. ContinueOnError Property
  5. Global Exception Handler

Able to use different activities while using excel sheet.

  1. Excel Application Scope
  2. Excel- Related Activities
  3. Data Table Activities

Able to automate PDF related activities.

  1. Installation of UiPath PDF Activity Package.
  2. UiPath PDF Activities
  3. PDF Automation

Able to automate Word related activities.

  1. Word Automation
  2. Word Activities Pack
  3. Difference between word document activity and word activity
  4. Word Application Scope
  5. Read Text with Word Application Scope
  6. Read Text Without Word Application Scope
  7. Replace Text Activity
  8. Write text activity
  9. Read text and then write to word file
  10. Convert doc file to pdf

Able to send bulk email by using UiPath Application as well as different activities also.

  1. Email Automation
  2. Key Benefits of Email Automation
  3. Read Email using UI Path
  4. Real Time Example of Email Automation

Able to scrap data from any website and store into any database like excel.

  1. Introduction
  2. Scraper tools and
  3. A simple web scraping exercise using UiPath Studio

Extract data from multiple PDF files.

  1. Introduction
  2. Document Understanding Process
  3. Built to process various document types
  4. Out-of-the-box AI solutions
  5. Accuracy improving over time
  6. End-to-end automation of complex processes
  7. Extracting Data from receipts Invoices retrained with one additional field
  8. Framework Component
  9. ML Packages
  10. Pipelines
  11. Document Manager
  12. OCR Services

Run process through UiPath cloud so that user can use it from anywhere.

  1. Introduction to Orchestrator
  2. How to Login to UI Path Orchestrator
  3. How to Create:
    • Machine
    • Robots
    • Process
    • Jobs
  4. Assets
  5. Trigger

Able to implement real time problem.

  1. Various Real Time Example will be discussed as per the covered syllabus.

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