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Python Programming

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60 Hours
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About the Course

Python Programming skill is in high demand if you want to make career in software development, web development, data analytics, system programming etc.

Currently its being taught at school , Engineering, degree ,diploma and certification level. In the new education policy it is also foucused to start coding from school level. This is foundation course in Python Programming.

Training Objective
  1. Working with Python's built-in objects
  2. Reading and writing files
  3. Creating variables and objects in Python
  4. Creating structured data with lists, tuples, sets and dictionaries
  5. Performing conversion operations on numbers
  6. Using conditional constructs to control flow of execution
  7. Organizing code with functions and classes
  8. Using exceptions to gracefully handle errors


  1. Python Intro
  2. Python Get Started
  3. Python Syntax
  4. Python Comments
  5. Python Variables
  6. Python Data Types
  7. Python Numbers
  8. Python Casting
  9. Python Strings
  10. Python Booleans
  11. Python Operators

  1. Python If...Else
  2. Python While Loops
  3. Python For Loops
  4. Python Lists
  5. Python Tuples
  6. Python Sets
  7. Python Dictionaries

  1. Python Functions
  2. Python Lambda
  3. Python Arrays
  4. Python Classes/Objects
  5. Python Inheritance
  6. Python Iterators
  7. Python Polymorphism
  8. Python Scope
  9. Python Modules
  10. Python Dates
  11. Python Math
  12. Python JSON
  13. Python RegEx
  14. Python PIP
  15. Python Try...Except
  16. Python User Input
  17. Python String Formatting

  1. Python File Handling
  2. Python Read Files
  3. Python Write/Create Files
  4. Python Delete Files

Exception Handling
  1. Types of Python Exceptions
  2. Handling Exceptions with try/except/finally
  3. Triggering Exceptions with raise
  4. Defining New Exception Types
  5. Implementing Exception Handling in Functions, Methods and Classes
  6. Working with the Regular Expression Error Exception

  1. Simple Calculator
  2. Product Billing
  3. Rolling Dice
  4. Reverse String
  5. Python Tasks with Loop, Conditional Statements and More

Note : For advanced course in Python Programming see your Job Oriented Training section

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