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HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Ratings (4.5)
90 Hours
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About the Course

HTML, CSS & JavaScript are three fundamental technologies used in web development to create interactive and visually appealing websites.

HTML, CSS & JavaScript Course

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript offer several benefits in web development, including the ability to create dynamic and interactive websites, enhance user experience, improve website functionality, and increase website accessibility and search engine optimization (SEO).

Career opportunities, you can get
  1. Web Developer
  2. Front-end developer
  3. UI/UX designer
  4. web application developer
Training Objective

In this course you will learn :

To create engaging and responsive user experiences, design web layouts, and build complex web applications. Understand the user requirement and create mockup to develop an interactive and appealing website you will also learn how deploy it and make it online.


HTML Introduction
  1. HTML Introduction, HTML Editors, HTML Basic, HTML Elements, HTML Attributes, HTML Headings
  2. HTML Paragraphs, HTML Styles, HTML Formatting, HTML Quotations, HTML Comments, HTML Colors
  3. HTML CSS, HTML Links, HTML Images, HTML Favicon, HTML Tables, HTML Lists, HTML Block & Inline
  4. HTML Classes, HTML Id, HTML Iframes, HTML JavaScript, HTML File Paths, HTML Head, HTML Layout
  5. HTML Responsive, HTML Computer Code, HTML Semantics, HTML Style Guide, HTML Entities
  6. HTML Symbols, HTML Emojis, HTML Charset, HTML URL Encode, HTML vs. XHTML, HTML Forms
  7. HTML Graphics, HTML Media, HTML APIs, HTML Examples, HTML References

CSS Introduction
  1. CSS Syntax, CSS Selectors, CSS How To, CSS Comments, CSS Colors, CSS Backgrounds, CSS Borders, CSS Margins, CSS Padding, CSS Height/Width, CSS Box Model
  2. CSS Outline,CSS Text, CSS Fonts, CSS Icons, CSS Links, CSS Lists, CSS Tables, CSS Display, CSS Max-width, CSS Position, CSS Z-index, CSS Overflow
  3. CSS Float, CSS Inline-block, CSS Align, CSS Combinators, CSS Pseudo-class, CSS Pseudo-element, CSS Opacity,CSS Navigation Bar, CSS Dropdowns, CSS Image Gallery
  4. CSS Image Sprites, CSS Attr Selectors, CSS Forms, CSS Counters, CSS Website Layout, CSS Units, CSS Specificity,CSS !important,CSS Math Functions
CSS Advanced
  1. CSS Rounded Corners, CSS Border Images, CSS Backgrounds, CSS Colors, CSS Color Keywords, CSS Gradients, CSS Shadows
  2. CSS Text Effects, CSS Web Fonts, CSS 2D Transforms, CSS 3D Transforms, CSS Transitions, CSS Animations, CSS Tooltips
  3. CSS Style Images, CSS Image Reflection, CSS object-fit, CSS object-position, CSS Masking, CSS Buttons, CSS Pagination
  4. CSS Multiple Columns, CSS User Interface, CSS Variables, CSS Box Sizing, CSS Media Queries, CSS MQ Examples, CSS Flexbox
  5. CSS Responsive, CSS Grid, CSS SASS, CSS Examples, CSS References

JavaScript Introduction
  1. JS Where To, JS Output, JS Statements, JS Syntax, JS Comments, JS Variables, JS Let, JS Const, JS Operators
  2. JS Arithmetic, JS Assignment, JS Data Types, JS Functions, JS Objects, JS Events, JS Strings, JS String Methods
  3. JS String Search, JS String Templates, JS Numbers, JS BigInt, JS Number Methods, JS Number Properties, JS Arrays
  4. JS Array Methods, JS Array Sort, JS Array Iteration, JS Array Const, JS Dates, JS Date Formats, JS Date Get Methods
  5. JS Date Set Methods, JS Math, JS Random, JS Booleans, JS Comparisons, JS If Else, JS Switch, JS Loop For, JS Loop For In
  6. JS Loop For Of, JS Loop While, JS Break, JS Iterables, JS Sets, JS Maps, JS Typeof, JS Type Conversion, JS Bitwise, JS RegExp
  7. JS Precedence, JS Errors, JS Scope, JS Hoisting, JS Strict Mode, JS this Keyword,JS Arrow Function, JS Classes, JS Modules
  8. JS JSON, JS Debugging, JS Style Guide, JS Best Practices, JS Mistakes, JS Performance, JS Reserved Words
  9. JS Versions, JS Objects, JS Functions, JS Classes, JS Async, JS HTML DOM
  10. JS Browser BOM, JS Web APIs, JS AJAX, JS JSON, JS vs jQuery, JS Graphics, JS Examples, JS References

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