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Full Stack Web Development using .NET

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About the Course

The .Net Full Stack Developer course is designed to provide comprehensive training on all aspects of Full Stack development using the .Net framework.

Benefits of learning .NET Full Stack Course

The course trains learners to become proficient in Full Stack Development using the .Net framework.

  1. .NET Full Stack developers are in high demand due to the increasing adoption of this technology stack by businesses for web application development.
  2. Versatility: .NET Full Stack offers a wide range of tools and frameworks that can be used to develop web applications for various platforms and devices.
  3. Career growth opportunities: .NET Full Stack developers can expect to have excellent career growth opportunities as they gain experience and expertise in this technology stack.
  4. High-paying jobs: .NET Full Stack is a highly sought-after skill, and developers with expertise in this technology stack can command high salaries in the software development industry.
  5. Time-saving: .NET Full Stack comes with a rich set of libraries, tools, and frameworks that help developers build web applications quickly and efficiently.
  6. Cross-platform compatibility: .NET Full Stack offers cross-platform compatibility, which means that developers can create web applications that can run on various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  7. Community support: The .NET Full Stack has a large and active developer community, which means that developers can benefit from the support and knowledge of other developers when working with this technology stack.
Training Objective

The main goal of a .NET Full Stack training program is to teach participants how to develop scalable and robust web applications using the .NET framework, covering a wide range of relevant topics.

  1. Introduction to .NET Full Stack architecture, components, and tools
  2. Fundamentals of web development using ASP.NET
  3. Working with C#, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  4. Creating responsive and dynamic web applications using jQuery, Angular, React, or Vue.js
  5. Building RESTful APIs and integrating them with front-end applications
  6. Testing, debugging, and troubleshooting web applications
  7. Deploying and maintaining web applications in production environments
  8. Best practices for security, performance, and scalability in .NET Full Stack development.


.NET and C# Basics
  1. .NET Framework and .NET Core
  2. .NET Architecture: BCL, CLR, CTS, CLS
  3. .NET Compilation: IL/MSIL, JIT/RyuJIT
  4. Assembly and Garbage Collector
  5. C# Programming Language
  6. Data Type
  7. Variable & Typecasting
  8. Operators
  9. Conditional Statements
  10. Loops and Jumps Statements
  11. Arrays and Strings
OOPS and Advanced C#
  1. Object-Oriented Programming
  2. Class and Objects
  3. Access Modifiers
  4. Constructor and Destructor
  5. Inheritance
  6. Property and Methods
  7. Exception Handling
  8. Abstract Class and Interface
  9. Static Class and Partial Class
  10. Anonymous Type, Var and Dynamic
  11. Lambda Expression
  12. Collections and Generics
RDBMS and SQL Sever
  1. SQL Sever Database
  2. Database Designing
  3. Database Normalization
  4. SQL Keys
  5. SQL Query and Sub Query
  6. SQL Clauses
  7. SQL Joins
  8. SQL Server Views
  9. Stored Procedure
  10. SQL Server Functions
  11. SQL Server Triggers
  12. SQL Server Cursors

  1. HTML Basics
  2. HTML Elements
  3. Ordered list and Unordered list
  4. Tables
  5. HTML Layouts
  6. HTML Forms
  7. CSS Basics: Colors and Backgrounds
  8. Text and Fonts
  9. Styles: Lists, Tables
  1. Bootstrap Fundamentals
  2. Navigation Bar
  3. Bootstrap Form Elements
  4. Bootstrap Icons
  5. Typography
  6. Buttons and Dropdowns
  7. Images, Card
  8. Tabs and Accordion
  9. Bootstrap Modals

  1. Introduction to TypeScript
  2. var, let and const
  3. Functions and Parameters
  4. Object and Constructor Function
  5. Class and Class Members
  6. ES6 Modules
  1. Angular CLI
  2. Databinding
  3. Directives
  4. Pipes
  5. Routing
  6. Nested Components
  7. Angular Forms
  8. Form validations
  9. Services
  10. Database Operations with REST

  1. REST and Web API
  2. Request/Response
  3. Controller and Action Results
  4. Routing
  5. Content Negotiation and Formatters
  6. Parameter Binding
  7. Validations
  8. Introduction to Entity Framework
  9. Working with EF Db First Approach
  10. Database Operations with WebAPI
  11. Pipeline and Filters
  12. Security: Authentication/Authorization

  1. Static Blog - Build the UI of a basic blog using HTML.
  2. Task List App - Build a todo list app using web api and angular.
  3. Shopping Cart - Build the basic functionality of the shopping cart.
  4. Guest Book - Create a contact list by storing the data in a DB.
  5. Movies App - Create a movie app for listing and searching any movie.

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