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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Escon Info Systems is an online educational platform of Escon Info Systems Barabanki Uttar Pradesh India which stores the visitor information for all digital communication with its visitors/customers/ students/learner. It stores and collects visitor information for informing visitors about new events, offers, opportunities, training courses , etc. We use the collected information for data analytics and digital communication with its registered visitors/customers/ students/learners. This can be used in all the ventures and online platforms of Escon Info Systems. We never disclose your information to any other person or business. For getting updates on our Privacy Policy, terms and conditions do visit our website frequently. If you do not wish to receive our communication email, SMS, phone call , or WhatsApp message , etc. then write to [email protected] .

Cookie Policy

When you use our websites, mobile sites, or other digital services, information may be collected through the use of cookies and similar technologies.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are downloaded when you visit a website or application. Your browser can read these files and in some cases remember your preferences, e.g. which content to display on the screen. Cookies are not programs and so can't contain a virus. They are stored in .txt format so you can open them with Notepad or any other text editor. Remember that some of the features of our website won't work with cookies turned off.

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