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Fundamentals of Programming

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10 Hours
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About the Course

This course gives you basic understanding of programming concepts. Know how to solve a problems and write the efficient algorithm and draw flowcharts .

Training Objective

In this course you will learn :
History of programming languages, algorithm, flowchart, convert mathematical expression into programming expression, variables and constant ,operator and operand different programming languages etc.


History of programming languages
  1. What is programming language
  2. What is program

What is an algorithm
  1. Characterstics of algorithm
  2. Top down approach
  3. Bottom up approach
  4. Writing algorithm

What is flowchart
  1. Symbols of flowchart
  2. Draw simple flowchart
  3. Draw complex flowchart

What is expression
  1. Mathemetical Expression
  2. Programming Expression
  3. Expression Conversion - Mathemetical Expression to Programming Expression and vice-versa

Stepping into Programming Languages
  1. Choosing programming language to start as a beginner
  2. Tools and IDE for programming language
  3. Writing simple program in Python programming language

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